Value Place College

It is our duty to provide an excellent and a first-class Educational system in a conducive environment.

Dupeolu Children Shool

A school like a home. Our primary section is very well equipped with all the necessary infrastructures for the pupils.


It is part of our curriculum to expose the learners through various well organised excursions. This, we believe creates an outstanding mental fitness for the students.

School Busses

We offer the best transport system

Value Place College and Dupeolu Childrenland School is established to be a citadel of learning that shall expand to reputable tertiary institution and shall be dedicated to raising independent, self discipline, confident men and women that will excel wherever they find themselves in the future contributing possitively to the society.

The school will be a center of learning where students will develop qualities and qualifications that will enable them to excel anywhere in the world and the end result will be: great experience, great success and great future.

School Catering


  • Science Laboratory

    A direct scientifical aproach to the exposure of scientifical methods and analysis of scientific facts.